art - order to be appreciated by humans He believes that...

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I liked how the author explained how the author explained some of the ways that art and color affect the body’s neurological system and related intellect to surroundings. He explained how the brain rewards sensory certain types of sensory input because it is taught to be receptive to certain sensory surroundings. I also liked how the author explained how our eyes and brain interpret and process color and sensory surroundings. He wrote that we desire something that is cosmetically attractive and is not just something that can be utilized. From the author’s viewpoint, things must be aesthetically attractive in
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Unformatted text preview: order to be appreciated by humans. He believes that the way humans appreciate beauty is innate, not acquired. However, does this mean that every human has the same standards and values and appreciates the same art? Apparently not, because there are many dissenting opinions regarding what should be considered to be art. It is hard to come to a conclusion on this argument, because art is something that is studied subjectively, and there is no way, such as using a mathematical formula or the scientific method, to come to complete closure on this argument....
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