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Wednesday, February 8 COMM 201, Section 43 Choosing and Developing a Topic First things first: Getting your topic started! 1. Generate many ideas – the more you have to choose from, the closer you are to choosing 2. Criteria for selecting your topic a. Am I truly interested in this topic? b. Will this be interesting or important to my audience? c. Will I be able to find enough supporting material for this topic? d. Do I understand this topic enough to confidently speak about it in class? 3. Shape your topic to fit the informative, convince, or actuate format. Two Common Mistakes: 1. Choosing a topic that is too broad for a 6-8 minute speech Example: Too broad Better Best World War II The effects of World War II The psychological effects of World on the middle class War II on middle class women The impact of The impact of oil spills The impact of the Exxon-Valdez pollution on on Arctic wildlife oil spill on Arctic bird species Arctic wildlife 2. Choosing a “convince” topic for an informative speech, or an “actuate” topic for a
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