Syllabus_Sept2007_V1_1 - AEM 221 Fall Term 2007 Draft as of...

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AEM 221 -- Fall Term 2007 Draft as of 5/12/2009 1 AEM 221 Financial Accounting Fall Term 2007 General Information : Staff Room Phone Email Instructor : Jack Little, CPA 450 Warren 255-8047 jel52 Administrative Assistant : Pam Staub 103 Warren 255-7827 pjw4 Head TA: Katie Fitzgerald 10 Warren kef32 Administrative TA: Stephanie Leventhal 10 Warren sil3 TAs : Erica Albert 10 Warren ela28 Gill Casten 10 Warren gac34 David Elman 10 Warren dme29 Alison Friedman 10 Warren acf33 Katelyn Hall 10 Warren kah67 Rich Hardy 10 Warren rmh43 Hilary Holland 10 Warren hmh26 Ericka Iachello 10 Warren eli2 Matt Jiang 10 Warren yj34 Jess Lebo 10 Warren jal234 Taylor Mulherin 10 Warren rtm28 Arthi Sridharan 10 Warren as524 Liz Yum 10 Warren eyy4 ZZ Zhuang 10 Warren zz44 Course Web Site : Lectures : Monday and Wednesday, 11:15 AM – 12:05 PM, Kennedy Auditorium Sections : You must attend your registered section. Sec # Day/Time Location SEC 01 W 2:30-4:25 p CK B108 SEC 02 W 2:30-4:25 p WN 345 SEC 03 W 2:30-4:25 p WN 245 SEC 04 W 7:30-9:25 p WN 145 SEC 05 W 7:30-9:25 p WN 201 SEC 06 W 7:30-9:25 p WN 360 SEC 07 R 10:10-12:05 p PS 143 SEC 08 R 12:20-2:15 p PS G37 Sec # Day/Time Location SEC 09 R 12:20-2:15 p WN 245 SEC 10 R 2:30-4:25 p WN 245 SEC 11 R 2:30-4:25 p KN 101 SEC 12 F 10:10-12:05 p WN 145 SEC 13 F 12:20-2:15 p WN 145 SEC 14 F 12:20-2:15 p KN 101 SEC 15 F 12:20-2:15 p PS 143 SEC 16 F 12:20-2:15 p PS G37
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AEM 221 -- Fall Term 2007 Draft as of 5/12/2009 2 Sec # Day/Time Location SEC 17 F 2:30- 4:25 p WN 360 Building Codes : CK = Comstock; KN = Kennedy; PS = Plant Science; WN = Warren Prerequisites : Sophomore standing. Course Materials : Required Text: Financial Accounting, 5th edition, by Robert Libby, Patricia Libby and Daniel Short, McGraw-Hill. Lecture Packet: Required, available at the Campus Store and Kraftee’s in Collegetown. Optional : Study Guide for Libby, Libby and Short. Calculator: Non-graphing, nonprogrammable calculators will be permitted for the exams. It is recommended that you bring your calculator to lecture and to section so that you may do the in-lecture and in-section problems. Please be aware that during exams proctors are instructed to confiscate calculators that do not meet the above specifications. One copy of the text will be available on reserve at both Uris and Mann Libraries. Copies of all lecture materials are contained in the course lecture packet and are also available on the course website. Objectives of the Course : This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts and terminology used in financial ac- counting. Accounting knowledge is useful for every area of business including finance, invest- ment banking, marketing and economics. This course will focus primarily on recording and communicating financial information for use by external users such as investors, creditors and regulators. Topics covered include accounting for inventory, receivables, uncollectible accounts, long-term financing and equity, and preparation of financial statements using generally accepted
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Syllabus_Sept2007_V1_1 - AEM 221 Fall Term 2007 Draft as of...

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