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dell homework - Wal-Mart where customers can build and...

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Mike Vontobel Professor McGinnis Marketing January 31, 2008 Dell Computers Response 1) The PC market has changed drastically and will keep changing as time moves ahead. Lap tops are becoming increasingly more popular than desktops due to their convenience and their portability. 2) Dell is struggling in the PC market simply because they do not sell their products in retail stores. Dell forces one to go online and customize their PC’s to the customers liking and have the computer shipped to them. Consumers want to go into a store and walk out with a product. 3) HP has made a very unique and smart marketing program which will help them sell more computers. They have made a semi-partnership with Wal-Mart in which there is a HP stand at
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Unformatted text preview: Wal-Mart where customers can build and design their own computer to fit their needs. 4) Dell has become one of the leading computer manufacturers and is continuing to build their business and grow. They have created the first HD screen and have implemented that into their computer marketing strategy as a selling point. They have also opened their own retail stores and have made a partnership with Costco Wholesale where their computers are sold at large. 5) Dell is on the path to great success. However they still need to continue to fulfill customer’s needs and wants in the marketing field. They need to defend their product and make the availability and ease of purchasing their product easier for the consumers....
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dell homework - Wal-Mart where customers can build and...

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