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Analysis Essay Short Story Michael Waters The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisneros provides the reader with a perspective of family. The main character strives to bring her family close together even through the rough times they face. Ambition, Love and Survival are some themes mentioned in the passage which help the main character and her family to unite and become stronger as a whole. I feel that the themes mentioned above will illustrate my point of why family is the most important aspect of life. The author Sandra Cisneros was born in 1954. She grew up in ghetto neighborhoods in Chicago and began writing poetry when she was ten years old. i She had six brothers which seemed she included in the house on Mango Street. I feel Cisneros’ life coincides with the house on Mango Street which she wrote. The House on Mango Street begins with a perspective of the main character speaking about her family’s prior life in a run down neighborhood. The family moved a lot because they were poor and could not settle anywhere. The narrator mentions “We didn’t always live on Mango Street. Before that we lived on Loomis on the third floor, and before that Keeler. Before Keeler it was Paulina, and before that I can’t remember”. The narrator gives the reader the sense that the family is very poor and fights everyday to settle permentatly but is impossible. The first main theme mentioned is survival. The narrator describes the different places the family lived and not one seemed appealing to me. She mentions the house on Loomis which had “water pipes that were broken and the
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landlord wouldn’t fix them because the house was too old”. She also mentioned
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Analysis EssayShort StoryMichael Waters - Analysis Essay...

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