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essay one final - Mike Vontobel Professor Giura English...

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Mike Vontobel Professor Giura English 106-34, College Writing II 4 February 2008 Fear of the Unknown Work is a uniform duty that every human being makes their living off of. One cannot succeed if they do not work. Work can consist of many different things from being a firefighter, construction worker or even a housewife. Work can directly affect an entire family. If the mother or father does not bring in any income then a family is forced to live a poverty driven lifestyle. However if a father or mother works and brings in money and puts food on the table and a roof over the heads of the family then a decent lifestyle may be lived. The children are often times extremely thankful but more times than not don’t realize just how lucky they are that they have parents who provide for them. Poetry based on the topic of work is very popular and is often times a gratifying topic to read. An example of this is Charles Fort’s, “We Did Not Fear the Father.” This poem is about a father who works three jobs to care for his family and gives them a decent and happy lifestyle. His jobs consist of being a barber, a landlord and a worker in a steel mill. Through careful word choice and imagery in “We Did Not Fear the Father”, the speaker of the poem shows that the father has a strong presence of physical strength and caring which is why the children do not fear for him until his night job where the children are unsure of his physical ability. This poem is divided into three stanzas; the first stanza describes the father’s job as a
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essay one final - Mike Vontobel Professor Giura English...

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