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bnad 303 - lecture notes sec 2 - 2/16/06 History of Civil...

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2/16/06 2/16/06 History of Civil Service Federalist versus Andrew Jackson’s (1767-1845) view of Civil Service o Federalists’ 3 Areas: establish government, work through details of separation of powers, resume business of commerce; also diplomatic relations o Patronage – get me elected, get a job o Andrew Jackson not from aristocracy; common man; first to marry divorcee, first to have VP resign, first to accept nomination from convention for second term, first to use pocket veto; decorated soldier o Believed the notion of elitism was undemocratic, common person should hold positions in government o Spoils system – bringing those close to you into office o Assassination of President Garfield in 1880 smacked of dirtiness of politics – he promised a position to someone and never followed through: The Pendelton Act of 1883 o Entry into government service now based on performance o If you hold a position in a previous presidency, you are granted some protection from losing your job under a new president o Establishment of Civil Service Commission – oversee new merit system Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action: Derivation of their Legal Basis o EEO a passive concept, AA an active concept EEO – no denial of opportunities based on sex, race, religion, etc. AA – government actively seeks to extend opportunities to protected classes; dubbed by JFK Court Ruling: Civil Rights Act of 1964 o Prohibited denying employment based on race, sex, national origin, religion Executive Order: 11246 of 1965 o Contractors doing business with government over $10,000 only if abiding by EEO, preference given to businesses run by protected class
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bnad 303 - lecture notes sec 2 - 2/16/06 History of Civil...

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