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10. Determine whether the equation defines y as function of x . 11. Find and simplify the difference quotient ( ) ( ) f x h f x h + - , 0 h x for ( 29 2 2 f x x x = + 12 . Given the graph of f below, answer the following. Use interval notation where applicable. a. Domain of f a.________________ b. Range of f b.________________ c. Intervals of the Domain where f ( x ) is increasing c.________________ d. Intervals of the Domain where f ( x ) is decreasing
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Unformatted text preview: d.________________ e. Intervals of the Domain where f ( x ) is constant e.________________ f. What is the value of f (1/2) f.________________ g. Find x when f ( x ) = -4 g.________________ h. Is f (0.4) positive h.________________ i. List the y-intercepts(s) as ordered pairs. i.________________ i. List the x-intercepts(s) as ordered pairs. i.________________...
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