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Quiz2,Voltaire - d the enduring faith of black slaves 4...

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QUIZ # 2 SS-102 Team F Voltaire’s Candide Prof. Susan Lee 1) Pangloss’ central philosophical teaching is that a) life is random and has no meaning b) all that happens is for a good purpose c) human reason can seldom be trusted d) personal virtue ensures a good life 2) Candide leaves the paradise Eldorado because a) he is eager to make his fortune back home b) he is thrown out for his heretical religious views c) he cannot be happy without Cunégonde d) he wants to see his mother again 3) Voltaire narrates the story of the slave in Chapter 19 to show a) the connection between Europe’s luxuries and slavery b) the necessity of slavery, despite its excesses c) the truth of the belief in the best of all possible worlds
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Unformatted text preview: d) the enduring faith of black slaves 4) Voltaire’s attitude towards religion is best summarized as a) religion of whatever brand helps people cope with their problems b) the Catholic faith is the only true faith c) while some religious leaders may err, most follow their conscience d) religious leaders are hypocrites and often exploit the vulnerable 5) With the story of the Muslim farmer in the final chapter, Voltaire illustrates a) the virtues of the Muslim religion b) the benefit of hard work and humility c) the truth of Pangloss’ philosophy d) the culmination of Candide’s hopes for Cunégonde...
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