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QUIZ #5 Robespierre SS-102 Prof. Susan Lee 1) Robespierre served France as (a) the moderator of the National Assembly (b) the assistant to the new King (c) the leader of the Committee of Public Safety (d) the head general of the French Army 2) According to Robespierre, the fundamental principal of popular government is (a) public virtue (b) popular participation (c) fair elections (d) leadership by the people 3) With regard to royalty, Robespierre believed that (a) mercy and indulgence should be shown them (b) with time, they would embrace liberty
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Unformatted text preview: (c) corruption of the people led to monarchy (d) they should become citizens like everyone else 4) Robespierre believed that terror was justified because (a) private interests were more important than public interests (b) the means justifies the end (c) the aristocracy demanded it (d) without it, virtue was powerless 5) When faced with execution by the guillotine, Robespierre (a) pleaded for mercy (b) attempted suicide (c) accepted it stoically (d) obtained a pardon...
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