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Quiz #6 SS-102 Team F Heilbroner/Mill Prof. Susan Lee 1) Adam Smith believed that a) economies need the steady hand of government to prosper b) economies grow fastest when regulated by the private business community c) economies do best when the market is given free rein d) economies with mercantilist policies compete best 2) Adam Smith’s point concerning pin manufacture was that a) the craft traditions of England produced the best pins b) dividing manufacture up into discrete tasks increased production c) pins and other metal products were the future of the English economy d) small factories were the best factories 3) Smith’s Law of Population asserted that a) higher wages lead to an increase in population b) a larger population means more production c) increased production leads to smaller families d) a larger population brings about higher wages 4) According to Mill, free speech should be allowed for all the following reasons
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Unformatted text preview: EXCEPT a) minority opinions may have some truth to them b) perhaps the unusual opinion is more true than the conventional opinion c) free speech is an ancient right that should not be abridged d) even false opinions have utility 5) After being released from a prison term for drunken driving, an individual drives straight to a bar and buys a beer. In this case, Mill would support the following a) drinking is a matter of a person’s own liberty and government should not intervene b) the person should be warned by the bartender of the dangers of alcohol but allowed to drink c) the bartender should be held accountable for any crimes the person commits while drunk d) excessive drinking in this case is a crime in itself and the person should be punished...
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