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Quiz8,MarxEngels - 3 Marx and Engels thought that the...

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QUIZ # 8 Marx/Engels SS-102 Team F Prof. Lee 1) Marx and Engels believed that government in their time a) regulated the bourgeoisie to curb abuses like child labor b) mediated between social classes in order to reduce class conflict c) managed government matters to benefit the bourgeoisie d) advocated for working class concerns with corporate managers 2) Modern bourgeois society is like a sorcerer because a) it is no longer able to control the forces of competition it has set into motion b) it has virtually cast a spell on the proletariat to insure their compliance c) its power over the superstitious working class has magical elements d) it has made a Faustian pact with the devil in exchange for its class dominance
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Marx and Engels thought that the communist revolution would occur first in a) England b) France c) Russia d) Germany 4) All of the following elements of the Communist platform have been realized in the U.S. EXCEPT: a) a graduated and progressive income tax b) abolition of most rights of inheritance c) free education for all children in public schools d) abolition of child factory labor 5) The Communist’s ultimate goal was a) a society in which bourgeoisie and proletariat share power equitably b) the reform of capitalism so that it serves workers as well as owners c) the dominance of the proletariat over all other classes d ) an association without classes or class antagonisms...
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