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QUIZ #10 World War I SS-102 Prof. Susan Lee 1) The causes of WWI include all the following EXCEPT: a) Serbian resentment of Austrian presence in the Balkans b) Russian humiliation by England and France over the Dardanelles c) France’s long-standing desire for a foothold in Albania d) Germany’s encouragement of Austrian ambitions under Kaiser William II 2) The beginning of WWI illustrates a) the dominance of rational diplomacy in European life b) the dangers of explosive nationalism c) the inherent contradictions of bourgeois capitalism d) the logical conclusion of the Industrial Revolution 3) The key dynamic of trench warfare was that a) the advantage lay with the defending side b)
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Unformatted text preview: the unsanitary conditions led to epidemics among soldiers c) generals experimented with this tactic with some success d) it was vulnerable to aerial bombardment. 4) The war ended principally because a) war fever subsided in Germany, France, and Britain b) Germany ran out of ammunition and food c) the Kaiser was forced to abdicate d) Germany expanded its front to the Atlantic open seas 5) A short-coming of the Treaty of Versailles was that a) Germany was only lightly punished for its part in the war b) France refused to honor the agreements on the Rhineland c) Alsace and Lorraine remained in German hands d) the U.S. Senate would not ratify the treaty...
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