Quiz11,AllQuiet - SS-102 Quiz#11 All Quiet on the Western...

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Unformatted text preview: SS-102 Quiz #11 All Quiet on the Western Front Prof. Susan Lee (1) The students sign up for the war mainly because (a) they believe the German cause to be just (b) they trust their national leaders (c) their teacher Kantorek urges them to (d) they hope to make a career of the military 2) Katczinsky was particularly liked by the other soldiers because (a) he was the best shot in the squadron (b) he knew how to find food (c) he was an amusing story-teller, even in war (d) he listened well to the other men (3) The soldiers felt that military protocol such as saluting was (a) essential to the military way of life (b) helpful in some respects and a waste in others (c) totally useless (d) important in maintaining discipline (4) When the soldiers are caught in a bombardment, they take refuge in (a) a graveyard (b) a barn (c) a church (d) a latrine (5) The three French women take up with the soldiers because (a) they believe in the German cause (b) they hope to get food (c) they think the soldiers are handsome (d) they are bored with the war (6) On leave, Paul tells his mother (a) all about his new friends (b) how much he has missed her (c) what the front is really like (d) the battle is not so bad (7) Trapped in a shell hole, Paul kills (a) an American officer (b) a large rat (c) a number of lice (d) a French soldier (8) When assigned to guard an abandoned village, Paul's squad (a) keeps the French soldiers away (b) sings a series of German chorales (c) creates a feast with roast piglets (d) collects gold jewelry from nearby houses (9) In the hospital, Paul and Albert are cared for by (a) (b) (c) (d) Red Cross professional nurses Army doctors military orderlies Catholic nuns (10) The book title refers to (a) (b) (c) (d) the armistice on the Western front a day with few casualties on the Western front no news from the Western front no gunfire on the Western front ...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course CGS 101 taught by Professor Baublitz during the Fall '08 term at BU.

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Quiz11,AllQuiet - SS-102 Quiz#11 All Quiet on the Western...

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