Quiz12,Depression - d wages outstrip investments 4 A...

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QUIZ #12 SS-102 The Great Depression Prof. Susan Lee 1) Calculations of the gross domestic product include a) all final goods and services b) both final and intermediate goods c) final goods as well as component parts d) goods, services, and transfer payments 2) Inelastic demand in the 1920s especially hurt a) investment bankers b) rural farmers c) steel producers d) mortgage holders 3) A maldistribution of income occurs when a) an economy does not produce enough purchasing power b) too much income goes to the working class c) a disproportionate share of income goes to potential nonspenders
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Unformatted text preview: d) wages outstrip investments 4) A problem with a lack of confidence in the market is that a) it dries up capital investments b) it overstimulates capital formation c) it prevents income from going into savings d) it postpones the purchase of basic consumer goods 5) The multiplier effect implies that a) economic growth is typically slow and steady b) a market economy usually rises from year to year c) a small change in investment has widespread repercussions d) stock market changes are felt mostly in the credit market...
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Quiz12,Depression - d wages outstrip investments 4 A...

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