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QUIZ #14 SS-102 Rise of Fascism Prof. Lee 1) In the aftermath of World War I, German war veterans did all the following EXCEPT a) formed nationalist political parties b) joined mercenary militia units c) staged communist uprisings d) promoted liberal democracy 2) The most important cause of European fascism was a) the charismatic personality of Adolf Hitler b) the social and cultural dislocation of World War I c) the tacit support of the Catholic church d) the organizing ability of Benito Mussolini 3) Fascists generally believed in a) the principles of political liberalism b) the beauty of human rationality and progress
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Unformatted text preview: c) the importance of the group over the individual d) the undeniable fact of class conflict 4) Mussolini and Von Treitschke had the following belief in common: a) war is noble and heroic b) adequate food for all is paramount c) the bourgeoisie exploits the people d) the economy drives historical change 5) According to Mussolini, the most important element of Italian Fascism was a) the resuscitation of the economy b) its compelling organizing doctrine c) the conception of the absolute State d) its alleviation of the sufferings of the humblest...
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