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QUIZ #1 SS-101 Unit II Berger/Orwell 1) Berger’s idea of a social map involves “carefully defined systems of power and a) prestige” b) privilege” c) money” d) position” 2) Which of the following might Berger consider “social coordinates”? Check all that apply. a) being male b) having good musical taste c) being African-American d) having red hair e) coming from a working class family 3) The term “heteronomy” refers to a) one’s sexual orientation b) control by another’s rules c) the diversity of a population d) the belief in individual freedom 4) For George Orwell, the most difficult part of visiting a coal mine was
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Unformatted text preview: a) the thick coal dust that made breathing difficult b) the constant roar of the coal-cutters c) the travelling back and forth to the coal face d) the black darkness when the Davy lamps went out 5) Orwells main point in this article is that a) coal-miners are very strong, even noble, workers b) a visit to a coal mine is very difficult for a novice c) mining conditions have improved somewhat with machinery d) industrial English society depends completely on invisible labor Susan H. Lee...
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