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Quiz2,MillsDrakulicAnswers - 4 Slalvenka Drakulic had...

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QUIZ #2 SS-101 Unit II ANSWERS Mills and Drakulic 1. C. Wright Mills’ idea of the sociological imagination helps people understand the relationship between history and BIOGRAPHY in a society. 2. According to C.Wright Mills, "the sociological imagination" links personal troubles and public ISSUES . 3. A significant contemporary danger to human life, in Mills’ view, was a) the dark forces pent up within the human heart b) the excessive attention paid to foreign cultures c) the unruly forces of contemporary society d) the new international social order
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Slalvenka Drakulic had trouble taking care of her teeth in her native country because a) her primitive country had no toothpaste b) there were very few dentists c) her family was too poor to afford dental care d) her dentists were inexperienced 5. Slavenka Drakulic concludes that in America "Health and good looks are essential badges of status among the middle classes," whereas "the condition of your teeth in Eastern Europe is regarded as a highly PERSONAL/PRIVATE matter." Susan Lee, with thanks to Kathleen Martin...
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