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Quiz #3: McGrath/Berger Answers SS-101 2007 Team F Prof. Susan Lee CORRECT ANSWERS ARE IN BOLD TYPE 1) Charles Horton Cooley’s “looking glass theory” suggests that people’s identities are formed by their perception of the way others react to them, a process of “social FEEDBACK ” (one word only). 2) According to Peter Berger, the demands of society are easy for most people to bear because: a) they don’t have any choice due to society’s power b) they keep focused on their goals and deal with society’s obstacles c) they are so well socialized that they want to obey the rules d) they don’t want to pay the price for breaking the rules 3) Berger understands a social role to be (check all that apply)
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Unformatted text preview: a) a part played in a social drama b) a typified response to a typified expectation c) a social pattern that tells a person how to behave d) a means by which individuals develop their identity 4) According to Peter Berger, an ideology is a) a comprehensive system of ideas b) an idea serving a vested interest in society c) a synonym for philosophy d) a term designating capitalism and som 5) On a shopping trip to a store, a young girl finds that most of the clothes in the girls’ department are some shade of pink. This is an example of a) the significant other b) the social location of ideas c) the definition of the situation d) the generalized other...
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