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QUIZ #4 Durkheim/Simmel SS-101 Team F 2007 Prof. Susan Lee 1. Durkeim viewed society as a) an oppressive restraint on human freedom b) the cause of increasing suicide in modern life c) a social contract freely entered into by individuals d) the collective moral conscience regulating human desire 2. Anomie is manifested in urban settings by all the following EXCEPT: a) the more one has, the more one wants b) a debilitating sense of purposeless and normlessness c) close contact with other people in urban neighborhoods d) the unrestrained nature of urban possibilities 3. According to Durkheim, anomic suicide is found most commonly in a) small peasant communities in rural areas b) urban educational groupings
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Unformatted text preview: c) trade and industrial occupations d) depressed and isolated people 4. According to Simmel, the density of urban neighborhoods leads to a) dense neighborhood groups which provide support to their members b) a mental reserve which avoids neighborly interaction c) increased pleasure from the many urban diversions d) a marked rise in feelings of personal self-worth 5. Simmel says that the influence of money on social relationships a) reduces human interaction to the question: “How much?” b) increases the standard of living for everyone c) multiplies the opportunities for individual fortunes d) facilitates the easy exchange of money between countries...
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