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QUIZ #5 SS-101 Team F Prof. Susan Lee 1) Zimbardo and his fellow researchers created a mock prison by all of the following EXCEPT a) having each prisoner arrested by the police b) sentencing prisoners to an indefinite incarceration c) providing uniforms for the guards and prisoners d) locking the prisoners into cells 2) The investigators assigned some subjects to be guards in the experiment by a) a random selection procedure b) a personality test indicating suitability for the guard role c) the personal preference of the subject d) the physical strength of the subject 3) “You cannot be a prison guard if no one takes you or your prison seriously.” This statement demonstrates a) the social location of ideas
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Unformatted text preview: b) anomie c) the social map d) the definition of the situation 4) The prison guards broke the prisoners’ spirit of rebellion by a) severely punishing the rebellion ring-leaders b) removing the ring-leaders from the experiment c) destroying solidarity among the prisoners d) persuading prisoners to comply with the rules 5) The Zimbardo prison experiment illustrates a) the dispassionate manner in which scientific investigation is conducted b) the impact of pre-existing personality differences on the behavior of the subjects c) the powerful influence of roles and the situation on the individual d) the need for better subject selection procedures in scientific work...
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