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QUIZ #6 Chodorow/Colapinto SS-101 Team F Prof. Susan Lee 1) Chodorow believes that universal gender personality patterns are due to a) intentional and deliberate gender socialization by parents b) the pervasive influence of religion and the media c) the consequences of early child care by mothers d) innate and compelling biological tendencies 2) The term “individuation” refers to a) the process of a child differentiating itself from its primary parent b) the genetic assignment of individual traits c) the development of an individual personality in the oedipal years d) the value given to individuality in some cultures 3) According to Chodorow’s analysis, women are more relational than men for all the
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Unformatted text preview: following reasons EXCEPT a) women have more flexible ego boundaries b) women are more allocentric than men c) women are more communal than men d) women retain their early identification with their mother 4) Dr. Money took the case of the injured boy because a) he was looking for a new intersex case b) the boys parents persuaded him to get involved c) his hospital was located in the same area as the boy d) the boy had an identical twin 5) According to Dr. Milton Diamond, a childs gender identity is set a) before birth b) very shortly after birth c) about two years of age d) in the early teen years...
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