Quiz7,Nickel and Dimed

Quiz7,Nickel and Dimed - because a) she was afraid of the...

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QUIZ #7 Nickel and Dimed SS-101 Team F 2007 Prof. Susan Lee 1) Barbara Ehrenreich undertook this project a) as fieldwork for her doctoral dissertation b) to learn how minimum wage workers survive c) on a bet from a friend in publishing d) as an employee of the National Coalition for the Homeless 2) Barbara broke the rules at the Hearthstone Restaurant because a) she was an independent person used to making her own rules b) she was never informed what the rules were c) she wanted to increase her tip income d) she felt the employees should make the rules themselves 3) Barbara’s injured coworker at the Merry Maids didn’t want to go to the hospital
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Unformatted text preview: because a) she was afraid of the sight of blood b) she didn’t have anyone to drive her there c) she wasn’t injured badly enough d) she didn’t want to miss work 4) Barbara left her job at Walmart because a) she was fed up with the management b) she couldn’t find low-income housing c) she was fired for insubordination d) she found a better-paying job at Target 5) According to Ehrenreich, all the following are true about low-wage jobs EXCEPT a) low-income workers are hired on merit b) low-wage jobs require attention to detail c) low-wage jobs are physically demanding d) low-wage workers have trouble paying rent...
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