Quiz8,Mills Wolfe answers

Quiz8,Mills Wolfe answers - SS-101 Team F QUIZ #8...

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Unformatted text preview: SS-101 Team F QUIZ #8 Mills/Wolfe Prof. Susan Lee 1) According to C. Wright Mills, sources of power in the U.S. include all EXCEPT a) economic institutions b) religious institutions c) military institutions d) political institutions 2) Mills says that elite individuals have power in America because a) b) c) d) they are part of a wealthy family they have great leadership ability they head major institutions they know the right people 3) Mills is critical of the power elite because a) b) c) d) they are not accountable to any geographic community they spend the taxpayers' money recklessly they act like kings, making arbitrary decisions they favor their own families in hiring decisions 4) In response to Mills, Wolfe says that a) b) c) d) the corporate world remains essentially the same five decades later the gap between executive pay and worker pay has decreased the 50 largest corporations have changed dramatically since the 1950s there are fewer monopolies today than in the 1950s 5) According to Wolfe, budding corporate executives of the 1950s a) b) c) d) competed fiercely with those at the top of corporations brought new fervor and great innovation to their firms turned to overseas opportunities to beat the competition tended to blend in and go along with the top executives ...
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