Quiz9-13 review

Quiz9-13 review - SS-101 Team FQUIZ #9Heilbroner/Milberg,...

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Unformatted text preview: SS-101 Team FQUIZ #9Heilbroner/Milberg, McGrathProf. Susan Lee1) Which of the following is a benefit of a command economy?a) It occurs most often in a totalitarian societyb) It relies on the individual decisions of consumersc) It can generate rapid economic progressd) It provides great stability over time 2) Tipping is a typical feature of a) a traditional economyb) a command economyc) a market economyd) both (a) and (b) 3) According to Heilbroner and Milberg, people in the United States are wealthy becausea) they have worked their way up the ladder and prosperedb) they have invested their earnings wiselyc) they are members of a rich societyd) they have inherited their wealth 4) The high price of diamonds is due toa) the economic infrastructure involved in miningb) the relative scarcity of diamonds among gemstonesc) the high cost of labor and transportation in diamond regionsd) the technology and capital required to mine diamonds5) Italy produces fine leather goods while Switzerland makes watches. This is an example ofa) relative scarcityb) economic determinismc) specializationd) production factorsQUIZ #10SS-101 Team FRobert ReichProf. Lee1) According to Reich, a problem with American communities today isa) Americans no longer care about their neighborsb) the definition of community has changedc) communities have become too big and unwieldyd) crime has penetrated even the safest communities2) Reichs term secession refers to which of the following groups?...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course CGS 101 taught by Professor Baublitz during the Fall '08 term at BU.

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Quiz9-13 review - SS-101 Team FQUIZ #9Heilbroner/Milberg,...

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