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Quiz10,Reich - d entrepreneurs real estate agents and...

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QUIZ #10 SS-101 Team F Robert Reich Prof. Lee 1) According to Reich, a problem with American communities today is a) Americans no longer care about their neighbors b) the definition of “community” has changed c) communities have become too big and unwieldy d) crime has penetrated even the safest communities 2) Reich’s term “secession” refers to which of the following groups? 3) “Symbolic analysts” include which of the following?
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Unformatted text preview: d) entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and politicians 4) City trends that benefit the affluent include all the following EXCEPT a) an increasing number of private schools b) downtown revitalization efforts c) private security services d) youth recreational centers 5) Which of the following statements would Robert Reich agree with? a) Rich Americans help the poor through their private charity efforts b) The tax code serves to alleviate the burden on poor communities c) Economic segregation results in de facto racial segregation d) Teachers of poor children are paid more because their work is harder...
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