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QUIZ # 11 Forest People Part I SS-101 Team F Prof. Susan Lee 1) To comfort themselves after Balekimito’s death, the BaMbuti a) buried her in a traditional Pygmy ritual b) reflected on her life and her place in the community c) called out the molimo for an extended period of time d) left offerings of food to propitiate the angry village spirits 2) The nkumbi was a) a hunting net made by women and used by men b) a metal drainpipe used on ritual occasions c) a girls’ ceremony involving body paint d) a boys’ initiation rite 3) Marriage customs among the BaMbuti fit which pattern?
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Unformatted text preview: a) arranged marriage b) cross-cousin marriage c) bilateral marriage d) sister exchange marriage 4) The crime of Cephu was that a) he stole a hunting knife from his uncle b) he committed incest with his cousin c) he set up his hunting net in front of the others d) he left the Pygmy camp to live with the villagers 5) Turnbull gets out of marrying Amina by a) paying her father a bride-price b) telling her to fix the leak in the roof c) finding another husband for her d) telling her he is already married...
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