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QUIZ # 12 Forest People Part II SS-101 Team F Prof. Susan Lee 1) At the nkumbi, customs dictate that a) a child’s mother must plan the ceremony b) Pygmy men dominate the structure of the ceremony c) only initiated male relatives may be present with the boys d) children enter the nkumbi when they feel ready 2) The BaMbuti disciplined deviant adult members of their group by a) physically beating them b) charging them a substantial fine c) ridiculing them verbally d) taking them to a tribal court 3) According to Turnbull, Pygmies and Bantu Negroes were related as follows: a) each Pygmy family was the property of a specific Bantu family b) the Pygmies admired the Bantu Negroes for their agricultural skill
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Unformatted text preview: c) the Bantu admired the Pygmies for their knowledge of animals d) the Pygmies and the Negroes had mutual disrespect for one another 4) The BaMbuti economy can best be characterized as a) a hunter-gatherer economy b) a primitive agricultural economy c) a family-based subsistence economy d) a rudimentary market economy 5) Which one of the following accurately describes the elima? a) the Bantu saw it as a rite of celebration as a girl became a women b) the Pygmies celebrated it only because the Bantu expected them to c) the Pygmy girls used the occasion to chase their favorite boy and whip him d) the Bantu and the Pygmies had identical rites of passage for girls...
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