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Unformatted text preview: SS-101 Team F QUIZ #13 Black in Selma Prof. Susan Lee 1) C. Wright Mills would say that some Selma blacks had power because a) b) c) d) they were highly educated they headed institutions they were affluent individuals they came from respected families 2) The Selma educational system was stratified on all the following bases EXCEPT a) b) c) d) race urban or rural residence gender class 3) John Shields, Chestnut's civics teacher, taught him that a) b) c) d) it was best to "go along to get along" hard work and staying out of trouble would bring success only civil disobedience would bring about change black church leaders helped maintain the segregation system 4) The NAACP strategy to bring about social change in Alabama was to a) b) c) d) organize public protests to put pressure on elected officials appeal local cases of prejudice to the Supreme Court raise race consciousness among young blacks sit down with white leaders to negotiate change 5) Weber would account for Martin Luther King's success by all the following EXCEPT a) b) c) d) the prestige he had as a black clergyman his skill in addressing collective problems with hopefulness the charisma he brought to his public speeches his success in prosecuting cases in the judicial system ...
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