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QUIZ #14 SS-101 Team F “The Prince” chs. I-XI Prof. Susan Lee 1) In composing his reflections on power in princedoms, Machiavelli drew on a) traditional Church teaching b) courses in politics at the University of Milan c) ancient Greek and Roman writers d) a series of interviews with actual ruling princes 2) To rule a conquered state successfully, a prince needs a) the good will of the people conquered b) the very best military personnel and equipment c) support from the family of the previous ruler d) the best intelligence before the invasion 3) In order to deal with political troubles, a prince must a) avoid open conflict at all costs
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Unformatted text preview: b) go to war before the troubles get greater c) call the aggrieved parties to a peace conference d) create alliances to forestall possible war 4) One of the hardest things to deal with in conquering a republic is a) the memory of the former ruler b) the people’s devotion to liberty c) the temptation to turn it into a princedom d) the constitution guaranteeing citizens protection 5) Cruelty is used well when a) it increases over time to keep people in line b) it is used against foreign enemies c) it is used sparingly when one’s safety is endangered d) it is used against armed soldiers...
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