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QUIZ #15 SS-101 Team F “The Prince” chs. XII-XXVI Prof. Susan Lee 1) A prince is secure against attack when a) he has powerful allies to call on in time of need b) he has befriended the neighboring nations with gifts and favors c) he has fortified his city and has the support of the people d) he is known as a person of peace and integrity 2) The best basis on which to hold a state is a) the love and devotion of the people b) alliances with the nobility c) enduring economic prosperity d) fear of swift and decisive punishment 3) The best military protection of a state is a) auxiliary troops sent by a reliable ally
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Unformatted text preview: b) civilian troops from the state itself c) mercenary troops paid handsomely d) the protection of the Church 4) The prince must exhibit all of the following EXCEPT a) personal involvement with the military b) true and heartfelt compassion c) the appearance of religious devotion d) a reputation for generosity and virtue 5) In the face of the river of fortune, the prince a) must trust to his prowess and hope for the best b) must entreat the Church for divine assistance c) has no defense against the violent onslaught d) must build up the banks to contain the flood...
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