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QUIZ #16 SS-101 Team F Luther Prof. Susan Lee 1) Luther’s father Hans seemed disappointed with his son because a) Luther did not invite his mother to the ordination ceremony b) Hans had hoped that his son would become a man of stature c) Luther had dared to question church authority d) Luther was not attentive enough to confessing his sins 2) John Tetzel’s chief aim in selling indulgences was a) to provide a way for the faithful to get out of Purgatory b) to allow people to sin and get away with it c) to raise money for the church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Rome d) to help people whose relatives had died 3) In contrast to the Roman Church, Luther asserted that eternal salvation was due to a) a lifetime of good works in the service of the Church b) a combination of good works and faith in God c) the good intention of living a good life with repentance as necessary
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Unformatted text preview: d) faith in God regardless of whether one led a good life 4) Cajetan, the Pope’s envoy, expressed concern about all the following EXCEPT a) without the guidance of the Church, people would not be able to find God b) Luther’s movement threatened to divide Europe irrevocably c) Luther was challenging the authority of the Pope himself d) Luther’s attack on indulgences threatened Cajetan’s own income 5) In the trial before the Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms, Luther a) argued that he could not recant without violating his conscience b) proposed that he go to Rome to discuss his case with Pope Leo c) agreed to retract his books and recant his errors d) offered to retract some of his books but keep others in circulation...
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