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Hotel Design Review

Hotel Design Review - Hotel Design Review Converting Feet...

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Hotel Design Review Converting Feet to Metric One ft :  0.3048 meter One meter:  3.28 ft One mile:  1.609344 km, 1609.344 meters One km:  0.6214 miles Chapter 3: Suburban Hotels Roadside Hotels & Motels After World War I, autos became more popular roadside hotels were opened Detached cabins operated by family whose nearby home is registration office Outskirts of town Highway construction people wanted safe places to say while they’re on road o Holiday Inn, Howard Johnsons o By end of 1970’s… motel room numbers doubled those of hotels Super truck stop is new trend Airport Hotels Conference centers for fast-moving executives growth in business and leisure segments b/c they’re less expensive and better quality Hyatt Regency Paris is a great example of a well-designed hotel Some are attached to terminal for easy airport access Most are affiliated with chains Office Park Hotels Natural outgrowth of suburban expansion Targeting suburban office market Fall under control of single entity that sets out master plan Country Inns & Bed and Breakfast Inns Explosive growth in last two decades High quality personalized service Market to mid-week business travelers and corporate retreat planners Codified based on type of building, size, location, services and amenities o Homestay, host home o B&B o B&B Inn o Country Inn o B&B/Self-contained Cottage o B&B Hotel
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Hybrids & Other Suburban Inns Hybrid hotels cater to wide variety of markets Multitude of regional functions, including shopping, university, medical centers, restaurant villages University Hotels Mall Hotels General dimensions: 13*18 ft Trends
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