Robbins ch3 cont - formulators update Marx’s ideology...

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Robbins Presentations Contemporary human behavior theory (2 nd  edition) Belmont, CA.: Thompson, Brooks/Cole. Chap. 3 Conflict Theory (cont.) Marx social world oppresses people and people change the social world proletariat & bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie (want to become bourgeoisie, e.g. shop owners), lumpen proletariat (prey on society, e.g. thieves) ownership determines social class exploitation of workers creates surplus value for owners: owners buy their products from owners at higher cost: poverty is an extension of surplus value the powerful control the ideas, which are used as a form of social control false consciousness masses accept false ideas powerful encourage fatalism interpreters recommend specific action
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Unformatted text preview: formulators update Marx’s ideology Manheim economic & class structures interrelated Lukas structural powerlessness of underclass is prevalent in all social institutions Marcues (sp?) • focused on culture people have private & public dimensions • capitalism creates one-dimensional people who will unconditionally accept ruling class views that are presented • reconditioning possible through radical restructuring of institutions to foster competitive values p. 71 Neo-Marxian Theory 3 groups • Structural Marxians • Historical Marxians • Wallerstein lasting division of the world; o core: create products and sell for low prices o semi-periphery: o periphery p. 73 governing elite Machiavellian view of human nature C. Wright Mills o outlined historical anal. of power relations in US o proposed model of elite rule comprised of 3 interlocking features: o elite o gov’t planners o masses...
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Robbins ch3 cont - formulators update Marx’s ideology...

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