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Robbins Presentations Contemporary human behavior theory (2 nd  edition) Belmont, CA.: Thompson, Brooks/Cole. Chap. 5 Assimilation, Acculturation, Bicultural don’t view human functioning in a vacuum, they place them in their environment reciprocity of influence Historical Context cultural change modification, revisions & new manners of expression that result from the process of interactions between cultures melting pot theory (Crevecour, 18 th C.)
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Unformatted text preview: Assimilation (emerges 20 th C.) Americanization of immigrants Acculturation cultural pluralism (Kallen, 1915) immigrant meshes culture of origin with new culture to create a third culture of identity for her/himself Criticisms Structural Functionalism ambiguous, poor central concepts, highly abstract, impossible to operationalize dont separate cause/function Dynamic Systems dont separate cause/function Stages of Ethnic Identity stages cover realization of race/ethnicity >acceptance (pp. 137-39)...
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