Phrasal Verbs Sentences fro

Phrasal Verbs Sentences fro - you get s/he gets David gets...

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Phrasal Verbs Sentences from Grammar Links Take off : I take off my shoes. I took off in my car. 1. Turn down : Everyday, David turns down the TV when he finishes watching the news. wrong : “David turn down the TV” – “Turn” should be “turns” because the subject “David” needs an “s” at the end its verb 2. Get on : I get on the bus to go to class. I am getting (present progressive) –don’t use this until you’ve learned, if possible I get (simple present) – I get
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Unformatted text preview: you get s/he gets David gets they get we get 3. Sit down : On the bus, many people like to sit down because they dont like to stand up. Using On and In Bus: on Car: in Plan: on Boat: on To Before a Verb If a verb has no subject with it and does not need to be conjugated (changed) it usually has the word to before it example: He likes (to walk). She wants to sing. The cat (le chat) likes to sleep. People like to sit down not : He likes walk...
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