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IS Review Sheet - IS DOES NOT EQUAL IT Why is this not true...

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IS DOES NOT EQUAL IT Why is this not true??? IT is one subset of a larger design of an Information System (IS) needs to be a working relationship between 4 components IS includes IT along with other facets including people, process, and structure Information Technology- enables individuals, groups, and organizations to manage information effectively and efficiently includes computer hardware (data storage), software, telecommunications Component of modern organizational information systems Information Systems- operational mechanism used in organizations to meet their information needs by collecting, processing, storing, distributing, analyzing data and information Four components: Information technology, people, process, and structure Systems thinking: understanding things in a holistic way (big picture) Gain insight to entire system by understanding the parts Avoid silo effect and acknowledge counterintuitive system responses Apply these models to cases online: or illustrate answer to problem using these models: MODELS: ** know 1. point 2. structure 3. pros=cons Feedback loop- society influences technology---technology influences society Direct contrast to technological determinism!!! Just because technology exists doesn’t make us behave in a certain way!!! Social shaping : society influences design and implications of technology (vice versa) over time through use (adaptation, rejection, misuse) XXX Technological determinism - presence of technology will make intended social changes to occur XXX Context- the environment in which the system is designed, built, used and managed Immediate context- most directly influences the Information System o Strategy, culture, IT infrastructure Broader context- indirectly enables and constrains opportunities ( be sure that the immediate context is more specific and more closely related to the IS than the broader context) **** Socio Technical Model (STM) - IS doesn’t = IT Context- immediate 50 ft of problem broad -outside of a mile of problem… should be correlated
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Goal needs to include: enable ______ through the collection, processing, storage, analysis of _______ information. An IS system is successful ONLY if ALL 4 components work together to achieve goal STRUCTURE: o Organizational design: Hierarchal flattened o Reporting: Division Function Project based o Relationships: award/reward mechanisms, communication ****influences how IS will be used ****should influence the kind of IT that is purchased to support
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IS Review Sheet - IS DOES NOT EQUAL IT Why is this not true...

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