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Deci and Ryan Article Notes Social Development, and Well-Being.  American Psychologist . (2000).  (55) 1, 68-78. Some of most important information they use to determine the positive and negative factors are  as follows: Deci's 1975 study which showed that intrinsic motivation is enhanced by positive  feedback Manoogian and Reznick (1976) and Ryan and Grolnick (1986) both found that people  (children and students) showed less intrinsic motivation when authority figures seemed 
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Unformatted text preview: not to care about their performance or ignored them altogether. According to Ryan, Stiller and Lynch (1994) people are more likely to internalize motivation if they feel connected to and cared for by their parents and teachers. • Vallerand (1997) found that people will be more likely to internalize motivations if peer groups think the activity is important and if they feel competent in their ability to perform the activity....
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