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Paper Organizational Chart

Paper Organizational Chart - Sample Org-Chart For Papers 1...

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Sample Org-Chart For Papers 1. Opening Paragraph: a. Present authors, their works, and their thesis (main point they are trying to prove). b. Present the ways in which the authors prove their point. For Example “By closely examining x, y, z, Rosario illustrates x, y, and z. c. Present your argument. Your argument must be something that can be argued. It is a claim about the reading, an opinion or representation. d. Present the ways you are going to prove your argument. So for example “By taking a closer look at several of the scenes described in Rosario’s work, I will illustrate the ways in which she takes a stance against patriarchy through her portrayal of patriarchy in beauty and love.” e. Things to avoid: i. Avoid making it like a self help book ii. Avoid large claims iii. Avoid talking vaguely about life, the world, personal characteristics, etc. 2. Any Paragraph a. **Every paragraph should have a specific point of is own.
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