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ESL Vocabulary-short - a symphony an orchestra for...

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Vocabulary a branch an " arm " coming out of the main part of a tree a railing a bar and wall to hold next to stairs a ladder equipment used for climbing / easy to move stairs rope long , thin material used to tie or hold things a porch a covered area outside the front or back of a house stained glass glass with colors and patterns or pictures a cabinet a large box used to store things a deck the floor of a porch attractions interesting places to visit in a city an aquarium a kind of zoo with fish a cable car an open - air train car a Chinatown the Chinese area of a city
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Unformatted text preview: a symphony an orchestra for classical music a ferry a boat to carry people and cars for short distances a museum a building for art , history , science , or other displays a rodeo a Western competition for cowboys invent make a new machine or product the telegraph an early communication machine using wires the artificial heart a heart made by humans polio a disease that kills or prevents movement a vaccine a medicine that prevents a disease an evaporator a machine that takes water out of something...
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