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MangoSt.-Marin questions - Past Progressive | Change the...

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Name______________________________________________ Date________________ Marin | The House on Mango Street Clauses | Underline the clauses in the following sentences. Write T above the time clauses and M above the main clauses. Circle the time words. If there is no time clause write “no time clause” below the sentence. Marin's boyfriend is in Puerto Rico But next year Louie's parents are going to send her back to her mother with a letter saying she's too much trouble, and that is too bad because I like Marin. We never see Marin until her aunt comes home from work, and even then she can only stay out in front. When the light in her aunt's room goes out, Marin lights a cigarette and it doesn't matter if it's cold out or if the radio doesn't work or if we've got nothing to say to each other.
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Unformatted text preview: Past Progressive | Change the following verb tenses to the past progressive. was singing example: I sing many songs during class. She shows us his letters and makes us promise not to tell anybody they're getting married… She is the one who told us… And Marin just looks at them without even blinking… Reading Comprehension | Answer the following questions from the chapter. Why does Esperanza like Marin? Why is Marin saving her money? Name______________________________________________ Date________________ Why does Marin want to get a job downtown if she stays on Mango Street? According to Marin, why is it important to be out front at night?...
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MangoSt.-Marin questions - Past Progressive | Change the...

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