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Historical Independent Variables 1. Possession by demons, witchcraft and evil spirits 2. Acts of an angry God 3. Brain pathology, infection, injury or dysfunction 4. Impact of changes in the moon 5. Pathogenic families and inadequate parenting styles 6. Cranial size and intellectual capacity 7. Migration 8. Incest, masturbation, promiscuity 9. Ownership or the absence of ownership or property 10. Stress, fear, and prejudice 11. Exaggerated use of defense mechanisms 12. Level of nutrients in the soil and in foods (e.g. zinc deficiencies) 13. Genetic risk (e.g. twin studies) 14. Wandering uterus 15. War, deprivation 16. Personal characteristics (e.g. race, gender, ethnicity, income) 17. Advanced age of the father 18. Distance from center city
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Unformatted text preview: Historical Treatment Approaches 1. Psychosurgery 2. Psychiatric hospitalization (e.g. asylum) 3. Electric shock therapy 4. Insulin shock therapy 5. Hydrotherapy 6. Trephining 7. Isolation 8. Environmental change and modification 9. Psychotherapies 10. Exorcism 11. Community based care (e.g. deinstitutionalization) 12. Drug therapy (e.g. Clozaril, Thorazine, Prozac) 13. Burning, flogging, hanging 14. Vitamin replacement, diet, exercise 15. Consumer run services 16. Celibacy 17. Marriage (Hippocrates’ treatment for wandering uterus) 18. Mechanical constraints 19. Prayer, incantations Reprint of King Davis, PhD. Epistemology, Ethics, and Mental Health Research . 12/10/01...
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