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NASW Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice (Prepared by the NASW National Committee on  From Notes: The Standards 1. 2. Self-Awareness multicultural identities 3. Cross-Cultural Knowledge 4. Cross-Cultural Skills —use appropriate methodological approaches/skills/ techniques that reflect understanding 
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Unformatted text preview: of role of culture in the helping process 5. Service Delivery knowledgeable/skillful w/ services available in community & society, able to make appropriate referrals 6. Empowerment & Advocacy aware of social policies & programs effects on diverse populations, advocating for & with clients 7. Diverse Workforce support/advocate for diverse population recruitment/admissions/ hiring/ retention efforts 8. Professional Education advocate/participate: educational & training programs in cultural competence 9. Language Diversity provide/ advocate: info/referrals/services in clients language 10. Cross-Cultural Leadership communicate info about diverse client groups to other professionals...
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