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ESL Vocabulary3 - I wild opposite of tame J a smaller...

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Lent Vocabulary Quiz 1 1. combination 2. erupt 3. lubricate 4. persuasive 5. camouflage 6. malformed 7. aggression 8. weaving 9. feral 10. tributary 11. recoverable 12. raged 13. junctures 14. startling 15. emphatically 16. belligerent 17. palpable 18. subsist 19. relish 20. indwelt 21. fracture 22. disgruntled 23. inexplicably A. two or more things, ideas, or events put together B. to explode C. to make smooth; reduce friction D. good at convincing others E. way of hiding something by making it look like its surroundings F. misshapen; having an irregular shape G. unfriendly or harmful action or idea against someone H. to move along by passing around things and changing direction often; to move unsteadily
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Unformatted text preview: I. wild; opposite of tame J. a smaller stream flowing into a river K. to be able to regain something L. uncontrolled anger, fury M. a point in time, especially a turning point N. surprising, sometimes causing someone to jump O. to stress a statement to the point of leaving no doubt; clear P. angry, ready to fight Q. capable of being felt, easy to see or notice, obvious R. to exist, to live at basic or minimal level S. to have a happy feeling about something, get delight from something T. to reside within; to live inside U. to break, crack V. discontented and dissatisfied W. not able to be explained, mysterious...
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  • C. D. E., T. U. V. W, A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P., Lent Vocabulary Quiz, inexplicably A. B.

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