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Robbins ch3 - Simil(sp • conflict is pervasive&...

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Robbins Presentations Robbins, S.P., Chatterriee, P., & Canda, E.P.(2006).  Contemporary human behavior theory (2 nd  edition) Belmont, CA.: Thompson, Brooks/Cole. Chap. 3 Conflict Theory Characteristics Marxist coercion instead of cooperation western: Freud & Erikson change is the norm conflict is normal & healthy conflict generates social change by encouraging social action
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Unformatted text preview: Simil (sp?) • conflict is pervasive & healthy • money management results from inter- & intra-personal conflict 2 Types of conflict • endogenous inside culture of country • exogenous between countries (e.g. war) Central Concepts • power • conflict is extreme form of competition • change=transformation from one state to another...
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