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Robbins Presentations Contemporary human behavior theory (2 nd  edition) Belmont, CA.: Thompson, Brooks/Cole. Chap. 5 (cont.) don’t view human functioning in a vacuum, they place them in their environment reciprocity of influence stages cover realization of race/ethnicity >acceptance (pp. 137-39) Stages of Cultural Adaptation (when moving into a new culture) 1. Traditional : stay with your own ethnic group 2. Marginal : Turmoil, inability to identify with both cultures 3. Assimilation
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Unformatted text preview: : forget original culture and assimilate into the new 4. Bicultural : recognizing the differences, peace with both; ability to individualize/own/use all of ones values and behaviors see diagram on p. 148 Gordons Ethclass combined ethnicity + class certain ethnicities occupy certain classes predominantly moving outside of ones ethclass is taboo Age young adapt more quickly than old (one reason: they go through the formal education system and, thus, are thrown into the new culture more)...
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