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Gira, Kessler and Poertner wrote “Influencing Social Workers to Use Research Evidence in Practice: Lessons From Medicine and the Allied Health Professions” to find the best intervention methods for influencing social work practitioners to use evidence-based practice (EBP). reviewed materials from medical research literature regarding best methods to “influence the behavior of health care professionals” (p. 69): education material dissemination, educational outreach visitation, using local opinion leaders, audits and feedback methods, continuous quality improvement programs (CQI) and using computers or mass media. The data they used was comprehensive; it included 423 studies.
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Unformatted text preview: Providing info alone unlikely to change behavior, continuing education workshops slightly more effective if they include interactive outreach visits are effective: 3 of 3 studies showed this improving effectiveness by 24-50%. local opinion leaders made no improvement or only a slight improvement 3 of the 55 studies that reviewed CQI programs randomized review of 17 studies, mass media campaigns were effective conclusions: disseminating information, CQI programs and local opinion leaders were unsuccessful; Outreach visits and feedback somewhat effective; Continuing education, using computers and using mass media most effective; combining effective methods is best...
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