chn 10 final paper

chn 10 final paper - Deng XiaoPing passed the "Open...

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Deng XiaoPing passed the “Open Door policy” had lead China to open trade with rest of the world. Today, China is one of the fastest growing countries in the past few decades; this rocket rate fast growing economy brings billions of dollars into the Chinese market. This rapidly growing economy brings more and more wealth to the rich people, while the rural poor people in China still left behind. When the wealthy people have more money, they also want to raise the current living standard. Especially, the younger generation living in big cities in the are very materialistic, which are mostly care about the money and financial success are proud to be the among the new rich. Having all these luxury life and forgot about the older generation went through and not feel faithful of what they have right now. Whereas the poor people are suffering and struggling to find money to make a living, the wealthy people keep getting richer. If I were the “white hair girl” Xi’er and have a chance talking to this group of wealthy young people I would tell them we should have Maoist idealism, and Xi’er spirit in the contemporary China. Xi’er who was a very simple and innocent minded girl grew up in a poor family during
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chn 10 final paper - Deng XiaoPing passed the "Open...

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