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English Final Cheat Sheet

English Final Cheat Sheet - The moons whatever Petruchio...

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English Cheat Sheet, oh yeah… Multiple Choice Where does Hamlet speak the “to be or not to be” speech? -Into the mirror Taming of Shrew -Festival What’s not part of Saturnalian? -Abstinence What’s not a transition scene? -Ophelia drowning If Hamlet were a boyscout -Readiness all In MND movie, what is wealth swithched to? -Bicycles and Phonographs How Taming starts Answers to Q’s -Patrick Stewart -Dr. Lopez -Mowbry NOT descendent -Changling Boy -Gratiano married to Portia Identifications Midsummer Queen Birth to something Puck What fools these mortals be Hermia Serpent at neck Titania Friend of mother (changling boy) Helena Double cherry Merchant Shylock Lock doors Portia Ring Bassanio declaration / 4 angles of wind Taming Sly Practice stuff on drunk man Kate Lances but straws Bianca Bond maid
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Unformatted text preview: The moons whatever Petruchio Sings like nightingale Hamlet Ophelia Get thee to a nunnery Queen Birth to something Ophelia Song of St. Valentine Hamlet Remember thee? (speaking to ghost) Hamlet Cast of thy (speaking to mom) Ghost Sit between her mother’ Richard II Richard Brain in female mood Gaunt Fall of England Bolingbroke Storms are brief / Fire and water Queen Birth to something 5 pts of significance passage-To be or not to be Big Essay Portrayal of death in 3 plays, must use Midsummer-must use quotes or paraphrase- “hail mortal”, Thisby-fairies obsession with mortals-Hamlet-“every father dies”-talks about worms eating flesh-Polonius at supper eating, getting eaten by worms-Richard II-Life meaningless-Death inevitable...
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