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Israel, Alexander Biotechnology 166BT Quiz #3 February 19, 2008 1. Problem: A) One problem is that proponents of GM crops suggest that its application will greatly aid in the reduction of world hunger, which is a huge problem as we know. In actuality, GM crops are mainly used in industrial crops, like cotton and feed crops for animals, not for human consumption. Another problem is seen in the process of commercializing the GM crop rice in China, which is very complicated. This complication appears to have caused a decline in research, both public and private, of biotechnology. Another problem attached to the latter two looks at China, who has adopted some BT crops, has not adopted and commercialized any food crops. B) One assumption is that GM crops are the answer to the rising global question of how to cure hunger. That this cure needs to be implemented within China and is a necessary step in that process is all speculation. Alternatives should be looked at and taking this as the only one is not good. C) From an earlier reading, Global Status if Biotech/GM crops in 2006, It states that Biotech soybean continued to be the principal biotech crop in 2006, followed by maize and cotton. This goes against one of the problems above, that GM crops are not mainly for human consumption. The article shows that the majority of GM crop is in fact for human consumption 2. Theory: One reason that commercialization may not have proceeded is that there has been little independent evidence on whether GM food crops would really improve farmer welfare.
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This study’s objective is to report on the results of an economic analysis that uses data from eight rice preproduction trial sites in China. Or to show that there is improvement in farmer welfare as a result of adopting GM crops. 3.
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Quiz #3 - Israel, Alexander Biotechnology 166BT Quiz #3...

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